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Up to the challenge

Every member on our team of consultants is a seasoned, experienced professional with a commitment to driving client growth. They leverage their wealth of experience to face the challenge at hand and develop outcome-oriented solutions. Our people thrive on solving complex problems and building programs that track toward real business objectives. Put them to the test on your next project.

Deep expertise, broad skill sets

Today’s knowledge-driven economy requires that companies hire on highly specialized talent to tackle increasingly technical issues. But we’ve found that specialists with an extremely narrow focus have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. That’s why at Projectline, we exclusively recruit for “T-shaped” consultants who offer deep subject matter expertise to our clients, but also maintain the breadth of knowledge required to communicate and collaborate effectively across teams. It’s the difference between a role player and a team player, and it’s why our clients turn to Projectline again and again when they need specialized talent.

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"We’ve been working with Projectline for three years. In that time, I have consistently been impressed with their professionalism, their flexibility, and their ability to deliver high-quality candidates across a wide variety of role requirements. I’m confident at all times that our work is being staffed with great people and our account is managed accurately and effectively. For me, that is the definition of an excellent partner."


Senior Group Manager, Xbox