Projectline’s October Consultant of the Month: Tim Mohler

Each month one of our incredible consultants is “chosen to” receive recognition because they truly embody our core values—Accountability, Partnership, Drive, Curiosity, and Transparency—with their clients and our consultant community. I get the honor of asking them a few fun questions beyond their daily work deliverables! Meet Tim Mohler, our October consultant of the month.

Q: What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
A: I’m pretty sure this has been mentioned before! I, like a number of other Projectline consultants, have willingly jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. I have a habit of challenging anything that I’m particularly scared of, and heights (well, freefall) is one of those things.

Q: What is your go-to Karaoke song?
A: Just to clarify – I’m not going to show up at a happy hour and be expected to perform this right? If I had to choose, “Something Just Like This” from Coldplay & the Chainsmokers. I reserve such things for those moments I’m dragged (unwillingly) on-stage by friends.

Q: What is your passion outside of work?
A: My work and personal passions are tightly aligned – I love helping empower people, and giving them tools to grow so look to get involved with organizations where I can do that. I’m also a big believer in small businesses and organizations as the glue that holds communities together, and am developing a series of Small and Medium business marketing workshops for local shops & services.

Q: What’s your primary assignment all about?
A: I provide marketing strategy and campaign guidance to my client’s large distributors, helping them curate, build, and implement solution-focused channel marketing campaigns to & through their partner bases.

Q: What is the # 1 thing that you like about Projectline?  Why Projectline and not another firm?
A: The culture. Several Projectliners that I knew told me about the passion and culture of the company. Their comments, and the personalities and skills of those at the table convinced me that if I ever had a chance, I would join Projectline. A co-worker told me just a few weeks ago that she had never had a Projectliner that wasn’t fantastic, and that is an opinion I’ve both heard frequently, and had the opportunity to personally see with each of the consultants I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside.

Q: From what location do you work (Mostly home? Mostly client site? Blend?)
A: I most enjoy working in person, even though many of my clients are remote. As a result, I generally work three days a week from the office, packing in meetings and face time and then take two days of focus work from the home office to get things done! The flexibility is a tremendous value in this role.

Q: In honor of your being Consultant of the Month, we would like to donate $250 in your name to the organization of your choice! Which organization would you like us to donate to?
A: Friends of Youth.


I’m personally impressed with the dedication our consultants have to their work, but also to the wider world. If you know someone like this, please tell them about Projectline Services and point them to our career page. We are always hiring!

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