Projectline’s May Consultant of the Month: Jessi Brown

Each month one of our incredible consultants is “chosen to” receive recognition because they truly embody our core values—Accountability, Partnership, Drive, Curiosity, and Transparency—with their clients and our consultant community. I get the honor of asking them a few fun questions beyond their daily work deliverables! Meet Jessi Brown, our May consultant of the month!

Q: What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

A: Took a solo road trip 9,000 miles around the country. (East to DC, then a little south and back west. Memphis had the best ribs don’t @ me.)

Q: What is the strangest place you have ever had dinner.

A: few years ago, I ended up eating an overpriced sandwich and drinking a tiny bottle of wine while watching the light show at the Eiffel Tower. The place itself wasn’t strange, but it was strange for me to be there enjoying an experience that had seemed unreachable for most of my life.

Q: What is your go-to Karaoke song?

A: “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” by Ella Fitzgerald.

Q: What is your passion outside of work?

A: Helping people. It’s my passion at work, too, but I get to do it in other ways in my spare time. I’ve walked through some pretty interesting doors just by listening to what people need and offering my time and expertise.

Q: What is one word that your best friend would use to describe you?

A: I asked her, and she said “pizza,” which is why she’s my best friend. (My boyfriend added “thorough,” which I’ll live up to by including his answer.)

Q: What’s your primary assignment all about?

A: Azure data services—where data lives, how it moves around, what you can do with it, and why the cloud makes all that stuff easier.

Q: What do you love about working with your client?

A: Have you met Tracey? She’s a tour de force wrapped in sass and stamped with a Prince tattoo. Surfing chaos wouldn’t be nearly as fun under anyone else.

Q: What is the # 1 thing that you like about Projectline? Why Projectline and not another firm?

A: I love that Projectline is independently owned and fearless about living its values. I know that when I help Projectline succeed, a good chunk of that profit goes right back into the community.

Q: Where do you like to volunteer your time or donate your extra cash? What organizations do you support?

A: It’s a big mix, and I hold space for unexpected needs. That said, the organizations and movements that capture most of my time, attention, and/or donations are the ones providing free meals for kids, undermining white supremacy, protecting and empowering trans people, defending reproductive freedoms, or helping people affected by a mitochondrial disease—all deeply personal causes for me.

Q: From what location do you work (Mostly home? Mostly client site? Blend?)

A: Mostly from home on Capitol Hill, but I try to get over to Redmond fairly often to catch up with people in person.

Q: What is your #1 expertise if people want to reach out to you for advice? (work or non-work)

A: I do words good. More specifically, I’m well practiced at untangling jargon and turning it into clear, effective language.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I knit, sing, read, go see live music, travel, crack really bad puns, and learn new stuff.


I’m personally impressed with the dedication our consultants have to their work, but also to the wider world. If you know someone like this, please tell them about Projectline Services and point them to our career page. We are always hiring!

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