Projectline’s August Consultant of the Month: Melanie Seed

Each month one of our incredible consultants is “chosen to” receive recognition because they truly embody our core values—Accountability, Partnership, Drive, Curiosity, and Transparency—with their clients and our consultant community. I get the honor of asking them a few fun questions beyond their daily work deliverables! Meet Melanie Seed, our August consultant of the month.

Q: What is your passion outside of work?
A: Helping families without great health insurance gain access and support to the services they need – this is why my charity of choice is the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy – it does just that.

Q: What is the most dangerous thing you have done?
A: Being an endurance athlete means long distances either running, biking, or swimming. I have often found myself alone in the dark on trails and thought hhhmm ‘Yes, Park Ranger, I did come here unprepared and alone’.

Q: What is the #1 thing that you like about Projectline?
A: The people at Projectline demonstrate a faith and trust in me that I had to work punishingly long hours to earn at my last company.  Projectline’s approach to remote work allows me to be my best self and give 100% to all aspects of my life; not just my work or my kids.

Q: What do you love about  working with your client?
A: Acceptance of my flexible working needs and the vibrancy to make things better.

Q: From what location do you work?
A: A blend of on-site with the client and from home.

Q: What organizations do you support?
A: I volunteer at both of my kids’ schools and operate a local support group for families with ADHD– I  manage their website and help them run promotions.

Q: In honor of your being Consultant of the Month, we would like to donate $250 in your name to the organization of your choice! Which organization would you like us to donate to?
A: Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy.


I’m personally impressed with the dedication our consultants have to their work, but also to the wider world. If you know someone like this, please tell them about Projectline and point them to our career page. We are always hiring!

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