Projectline’s April Consultant of the Month: Shawna Johnson

Each month one of our incredible consultants is “chosen to” receive recognition because they truly embody our core values—Accountability, Partnership, Drive, Curiosity, and Transparency—with their clients and our consultant community. I get the honor of asking them a few fun questions beyond their daily work deliverables! Meet Shawna Johnson, our April consultant of the month.

Q: What is your go-to Karaoke song?
A: Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce.

Q: What is your passion outside of work? 
A: Helping disadvantaged populations.  Every year on my birthday I take a mission trip to a different country to serve and support others.

Q: What is the # 1 thing that you like about Projectline? Why Projectline and not another firm? 
A: Hands down my manager, Talya, is incredible.  She’s knowledgeable, accessible, and very supportive.

Q: From what location do you work (Mostly home? Mostly client site? Blend?)
A: 100% remote.

Q: What is your #1 expertise if people want to reach out to you for advice?
A: Change management, user adoption, and end user experience are my areas of expertise.

Q: In honor of your being Consultant of the Month, we would like to donate $250 in your name to the organization of your choice! Which organization would you like us to donate to? 
A: My first choice is my nonprofit organization, Positive Young Teens, an organization I started to help sharpen the skills of middle and high school aged youth through hands on learning and creative engagement!


I’m personally impressed with the dedication our consultants have to their work, but also to the wider world. If you know someone like this, please tell them about Projectline and point them to our career page. We are always hiring!

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