Projectline’s 2019 Consultants of the Month

Every month we recognize a consultant who embodies our key values of inclusion, curiosity, transparency, and continuous learning. In 2019, we were blown away by the caliber and commitment of our consultant community and are thrilled to take a look back through those recognized throughout the year. We are so proud of the 12 members of our community who were recognized this last year, they bring a diversity of expertise and passions outside of work, and are industrious, exemplary collaborators that show a deep commitment to driving behaviors of inclusion. Get to know our 2019 consultants of the month!

Here’s a glimpse of these amazing consultants:

In January we recognized Brad Truswell, an operations expert who solves the most complex problems. Next, we celebrated Alyssa Sassaman, a fearless race car driver outside of work who excels in email editing, strategy, and project management work. Our March feature was Donna O’Brien, an event rock star with years of experience in the legal industry.

Drew Steblay, our April consultant of the month, is a talented webcast producer and has a depth of experience supporting clients and project management. In May we spotlighted Melisa Ford, a master of B2B marketing bringing excellence in team collaboration to her work. In June, we recognized Dana Bos, an expert in events who manages many stakeholders and creates order out of chaos.

Next up, David Torres was chosen as our July Consultant of the Month. He’s a senior program manager supporting his team from Vegas, and shared his passion for professional development with a piece on kickstarting your own development path (check it out here). In August, we recognized Melanie Seed, a partner marketing program manager who integrates rigor and motivation from her practice and training as an endurance athlete. Our September highlight, Erika Mitchell, writes exemplary marketing copy for apps to support her clients and is known for bringing enthusiasm to all of her work.

In October, we applauded John Musci, a content writer who supports and enables software teams. John is a perfect example of the benefits of remote work—throughout his tenure with Projectline, he has worked from a variety of locations abroad and across the United States. Our November consultant of the month, Samantha Denby, is a martech and program management expert. She is a reflection of true work-life balance, performing at the highest level for her clients while working toward becoming a certified health coach. And last but not least, we recognized Anthony Gaytan, who exemplifies excellence through his success in driving marketing automation initiatives for his clients. We are so grateful for our community of consultants that continues to wow the leadership team with their commitment to our values and clients.

We are so lucky to have these amazing individuals representing our Projectline community and can’t wait to recognize 12 more of our deserving consultants in 2020!