Projectline Joins Accenture

Back in 2004, when Mike, Dave, and I first founded Projectline, we never imagined that we would be fortunate enough to grow our business for more than 15 years, expand into two award-winning brands,  and employ more than 400 talented B2B marketers and business professionals in multiple countries.

I truly believe that our success can be attributed to following our mission in every business decision we ever made—our mission to empower each other to do what we love by fostering an environment of trust, independence, and growth; to exceed client expectations through our creativity, flexibility, and enthusiasm; and to contribute to the global community by sharing our time, energy, and resources.

This mission helped us attract talent that was collaborative but also driven, to have the flexibility to help our clients reach their most audacious goals in ways our competitors could not, and to share our good fortune with our community through volunteering, philanthropy, and pro-bono work.

Using this mission as a compass also helped us shape Projectline into a values-driven resourcing company, dedicated to transparency, life-long learning, and inclusion. I could not be prouder of what we do and how we interact with each other and our wider community.

When it came down to finding the right company to join, we also used our mission to guide our decision. We researched every detail about potential acquirers, from their board makeup, to their Glassdoor reputation, to diversity programs, to their reputation in the global economy. That detailed research pointed to one company above all: Accenture.

We knew that we would make an ideal business match: We would bring B2B expertise to their global scale while they would bring global scale and expanded capabilities to our suite of B2B marketing services. But we did not know it would also be possible to have an alignment in values as well.

Here are a few examples that showed us how well our values align:   

  • Accenture is a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the business world. Just this past fall they placed #1 on the World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies Index for the second consecutive year.
  • When it comes to sharing our care for the environment, they have done more than we could ever do at our small size. Accenture cut their per-employee emissions in half during a ten-year period and have committed to reducing them by another 11% by 2025. They are also ranked #1 on Barron’s most sustainable international companies.
  • We have always tried to move within the business world with the highest integrity—sometimes at a detriment to revenue. Accenture has been recognized among the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere 12 years in a row.
  • When it comes to caring about the Future of Work and who gets to participate, Accenture has done what we could only dream of doing. They have a program specifically designed to bridge the opportunity divide, called Skills to Succeed.

Honestly, this is just scratching the surface of the positive impact Accenture has—there are dozens of other awards and recognitions for how they live out their core values in every aspect of their business.

Although the global tragedy of COVID-19 and the economic fallout has made many of us emotionally raw, insecure, and wondering what the future holds for all of us, I’m also feeling honored and in awe that we get to join a company like Accenture and build the future together.

If you want to connect to talk more informally, you can always find me on Twitter @AnikaMarketer. If you want to talk officially about the acquisition, I’ll introduce you to the Accenture Media team.