Lifelong Learner? Try These Podcast Picks From the Projectline Crew

We are all about lifelong learning, but just like you, our workdays are packed to the gills with meetings, emails, spreadsheets, and planning, and our home lives are chock full of family, volunteering, mopping, vet appointments, and a whole host of other obligations. Sometimes learning has to fit into the cracks between these more urgent activities—the half hour while grocery shopping, the 10 minutes in front of the mirror while curling those locks, the moments waiting for the steamy bus, your time (however brief in my case) on the treadmill, or maybe even a dreaded car commute. There is no better format for this type of “in the cracks” learning than podcasts. They are easy to find, easy to pause, can be done while doing something physical, and are usually very timely.

If you haven’t fully embraced the wonders of podcasts, or aren’t even sure where to start, then let us point the way when it comes to professional development. Here are some of our team’s favorite podcasts:

WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast
Recommended by: Lauren Bell
What it’s about: WorkLife is about looking at ways to make the time you spend at work more enjoyable. It takes you inside the minds of some very interesting people and their unusual workplaces, and adds some social science to the experience.
Why I like it: “I was looking for a podcast that would keep me engaged and better my own work life and after just a few episodes I am hooked! I love how it ties into the #futureofwork and how even the sponsors they promote are selected for their unique culture.” — Lauren.
Recommended starter episode: A World Without Bosses
Who might like it: People who enjoyed reading Originals by Adam Grant, enjoy Malcolm Gladwell (there is even a bonus debate with him), have an interest in the #futureofwork, or just want to have better work lives.

Recommended by: Sophie Solomon
What it’s about: Akimbo is about seeing what’s happening with our culture, and about how we can make a difference.
Why I like it: “I just started listening to Akimbo and what I love most about it is that Seth Godin offers opportunity for action regarding the change we want to be.” — Sophie.
Recommended starter episode: Freelancers
Who might like it: People who like Seth Godin and similar writers/business icons, but also those who are tired of just learning and want to do something.

Recommend by: Ashley Marquez and Anika Lehde
What it’s about: Brand-new podcast from Seattle’s local public radio station, KUOW, hosted by two incredible women, Jeannie Yandel and Eula Scott Bynoe; the hosts break down how sexism works in the modern workplace and offer real tactics for fighting back.
Why we like it: “I LOVE Battle Tactics for Your Sexist Workplace. It is just the right mix of serious and humorous, while integrating perspectives of industry leaders, data, scientific research, and of course ‘random guys from the internet,’ audio clips. This is a great podcast that engages with social justice topics that span beyond gender equity and provides concrete action items to improve the workplace.” – Ashley
Recommended starter episode, especially if you are not a woman: Men: You have more power than you realize. Here’s how to use it
Who might like it: Folks who would like to see a more equitable workplace. Not just for women!

Recommend by: Anika Lehde
What it’s about: A weekly broadcast on topics and business issues that affect all entrepreneurs, and particularly startups. Funding. Finance. Staffing. Software. Branding. Business development. Valuation.
Why I like it: “I love the two hosts of CEO Coach, Ann and Gillian. I feel like I’m learning from my badass aunties who will teach you all the things your parents wouldn’t.” — Anika.
Recommended starter episode: Age Bias is a Thing, Especially for Older Women
Who might like it: Anyone who wants to run a business, either as an entrepreneur or an executive.

Recommend by: Anika Lehde
What it’s about: A podcast for individuals and companies who want to future-proof (is that possible?) their career or organization by adapting to how the workplace is changing.
Why I like it: “This podcast is the only one I know of that is really thinking about the new (old) relationship between employees and employers, why we work, and what it means.” — Anika  Recommended starter episode: An interview with Former Girl Scouts CEO Frances Hesselbein, on the State of Work, Why the Future Is Bright, and the Reason Age Doesn’t Matter.
Who might like it: People who want to be part of shaping the future.

Recommend by: Njeri Thande, Ashley Marquez, and Sophie Solomon
What it’s about: Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships.
Why we like it: “This podcast helps me stay inspired to understand why we (humans) do what we do and forces me to think outside of the box when it comes to how different behavioral phenomena and evolution apply to marketing.” — Ashley.
Recommended starter episode: BS Jobs: How Meaningless Work Wears Us Down
Who might like it: Anyone who is curious. Really, everyone.

Recommended by: Alicia White
What it’s about: Loose Threads takes a look a variety of entrepreneurs as they work in the fast-changing consumer economy.
Why I like it: “I love this podcast because it features entrepreneurs and how they’ve learned to navigate today’s fast-changing economy across all industries. I learn something new every time I listen to an episode and I feel inspired to think creatively.” — Alicia.
Recommended starter episode: All-Inclusive with Fran Dunaway of TomboyX
Who might like it: Folks who want to hear from innovative start-up founders

Recommended by: Anika Lehde
What it’s about: A podcast, hosted by Keita Williams, which is part of an overall accountability practice dedicated to supporting visionaries in attaining their goals professionally and personally.
Why I like it: “I love everything about Keita, she is bold and sharp, and interviews the most incredible people in business. Both informational and inspirational.”  — Anika
Recommended starter episode: It’s 60 Second Increments
Who it’s for: Those looking for a little inspiration and cheerleading while heading into a big challenge or making a change.

Have we missed a great one? Tell us about it on Twitter at @anikamarketer and @projectline.