In the face of the Future of Work, get in the driver’s seat of your career

You’ve heard me go on and on about the importance of having a lifelong learning mindset to ensure you have control over your career path. Just this morning I was listening to the CEO Coach podcast about age discrimination and the episode emphasized that it is every individual’s duty to continue studying, stay curious, and use that learning muscle or risk becoming less impactful (that includes outside of work, not just in the professional world).  

However, sometimes it isn’t clear where or how to start or what it means to be in control of your own career path and professional development. Enter: Career Janet. I met Janet Matta after she spoke at the Hacking HR event last June in Seattle. In her talk, “Careers in the Future of Work,” she started by talking about the social changes and technological changes that are influencing how the workplace is changing. I immediately knew she understood that we all have to develop different skills – or expand specific skills that will be in demand in the future. Most importantly, she emphasized how we have a greater responsibility than ever for our own growth and career development.  

At Projectline, we wanted to bring this sense of urgency and inspiration to our consultants, so we invited Janet to speak with our community and lead one of our monthly training sessions. She accepted, and our teams are definitely are better for it. Feedback after the session showed us that more than 70% of people were going to take some specific concrete action because of her training. That is the most we can ask for in a partnership. I hope we can follow up with a session II to learn exactly the impact of those actions for each of those employees.  

So what concrete actionable step are you going to take to ensure you are in control of your own growth and career path? Here are the five things that I recommended a while back. But if these don’t resonate with you, I really suggest you try Janet. She isn’t a career coach for people looking for work, she is a career coach for those looking to really shape and control their future.  

Get ready! The future is here.  

If you want to chat more about the future of work and the skills that you think will be needed, hit me up on Twitter @AnikaMarketer.