The Future of Work: A Star Wars story (sort of)

When the latest Star Wars movie premiered in theaters, I was beyond excited to purchase tickets early.

But since the website crashed during previous sales and I wanted tickets for the first showing and a double feature (did I mention I’m a huge nerd?), I also knew I’d need to wait in line for an entire Monday afternoon.

I realize many people would have taken a personal day. But because I work for a company that embraces the future of work and prioritizes work-life balance, I didn’t have to: I had the option to work remotely, enabling me to do my job from almost anywhere.

It also helps that my boss is a big Star Wars nerd. But with flexible scheduling on the rise and the contingent workforce expected to hit 43% by the year 2020, more and more people can balance their lives in ways that work for them.

In this case, working remotely worked for me. I wrote an offer letter on my laptop, used my phone as a hot spot to screen-share with a client and resolve an issue, made a job offer to a new employee, and connected with a potential consultant—all while waiting for a ticket and snacking on popcorn. I’d say I was as productive as I would have been in the office, if not more. And given my line of work as a professional matchmaker, what better place to make tech industry connections than in line for Star Wars tickets?

The reality is I could spend all day making analogies between Star Wars and the future of work (I mean, come on, AI and droids…not to mention that Luke was pretty much working remotely in the latest film?). But this post isn’t (just) about Star Wars; it’s about how my company has embraced the future of work. Offering me autonomy and accountability didn’t only enable me to hire a new employee, have an informational conversation with a potential candidate, and manage a client escalation from outside the office—it allowed me to accomplish something extracurricular but still important to me as a person.

If you take one thing from this story, let it be this: A flexible work schedule isn’t just for those in a galaxy far, far away. It’s available on a planet near you.

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