Becoming a Better Leader as a Certified Senior Career Coach Professional

How often do people tell you to “trust your gut”? In my career, I’ve shied away from advice like this because I am numbers-driven. I like facts, data, and structure—except when it comes to connecting people to great roles. I’ve always had an uncanny ability to match up people in my network in a way that sparks new career moves, often driven by gut instinct. Connecting great people to interesting, challenging roles at fantastic companies is a passion of mine, and it has worked out well for several folks in my network (and the companies they work for too!).

That’s one of the reasons why I joined the Projectline leadership team a few months back. I was eager to become better at helping people land a great career. My responsibilities include end-to-end talent recruiting and consultant management. Taking on this role has helped me provide more structure to my professional matchmaking passion. I’ve honed my skills, learning how to have very meaningful conversations with candidates and leveraging new tools to uncover hidden talents and strengths. I am inspired to leave candidates better than before they came to us, whether they advance in consideration or not, and have even found myself mentoring a few of them along the way. When candidates move into consulting roles with Projectline, they stay with me as their manager, and I am beyond thrilled to continue working with each of them.

Previously, I’ve drawn on my people management experience and gut instinct to give career advice. Now I’m kicking it up a notch as a Senior Career Coach professional. Thanks to Projectline’s commitment to its leadership team, all Account Managers have the opportunity to earn this designation, and I jumped at the chance. Over several nights and weekends over a 12 week-long period, I dug into a wide range of coursework. For example, I learned about the amygdala—the part of the brain that helps process emotions—and how it can be tamed, an essential skill for helping candidates calm their nerves during job interviews. Other areas of study included storytelling, topics to avoid during interviews, intensives on resume and cover letter writing, and how to land a great offer.

Instead of trusting my gut alone, which was always a little uncomfortable for me, this training has equipped me with a strong framework to guide and coach candidates and my team each day. It has helped me be better at the work I love—and inspired me to keep learning. Stay tuned for what’s next!

I’d love to hear more about what aspects of your work or professional experience inspire you. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.