3 Tips for Kick-starting Your Professional Development

Are you looking for ways to develop professionally and take ownership of your career? I have three tips that have been big contributors to my success this past year. I’ve been able to focus on my overall career and professional development, and as a result I was just awarded “Consultant of the Month.” These are simple tips you can start today that will have a profound impact that will last a lifetime. Enjoy!

Meditation … it’s a skill

The ability to meditate is a valuable and practical skill I regularly rely on to be less stressed, more focused, and engaged in the moment. No matter your level of experience with meditation you can reap the benefits of mindfulness at any time.

To me, meditation is about being fully engaged in the present moment with a healthy sense of awareness. It’s about learning to observe your thoughts and feelings so you can be more in control of how you feel. It’s a lifelong skill I continually work on.

My recommendation to anyone looking to feel less anxious, more focused and able to grow as a professional: practice meditation. There are over 2,000 apps to help you learn. My favorite is Headspace because its guided, easy, and for all skill levels.

The proof is in the science.

*Data sourced from Headspace.com

LinkedIn Learning … is lifelong learning

LinkedIn Learning has become one of my favorite professional tools to use and reference when I need guidance from a trusted source. The online training platform has over 13,000 courses lead by industry professionals. Here’s my number one pick for advancing your career:

Figuring Out Your Next Move

Many smart and talented people find themselves hitting professional plateaus at various stages in their careers. Rather than seeing this as a problem or personal shortcoming, you can embrace these moments for what they are: a signal that you may be outgrowing your current projects and are ready for something new. In this course, business strategist Jenny Blake outlines her four-stage process for helping individuals map out a pivot plan for growth within their role and how to look for small experiments outside of it, ultimately to make an even greater impact.

LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial if you are interested in learning about developing as a professional.

“Friendtor” = Friend + Mentor

Friendtors are peers and colleagues who you can grow along with while helping each other with accountability and support. It is a symbiotic relationship between two people that should be nourished and maintained in a genuine way.

The term “friendtor” came from Jenny Blake, a career strategist and speaker (mentioned above), and author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.

I am grateful to work for a consulting firm that has dedicated people and resources for my professional growth. The work of my manager, Sophie Solomon, here at Projectline has directly shaped my professional development. Sophie is a motivational leader who is focused on strategy and interpersonal connection. She pulls from past experience and looks forward to stay ahead of upcoming workplace trends. Her approach to professional development is grounded in her strong mentorship aptitude. The programs she has implemented in the workplace, such as practicing mindfulness and leveraging LinkedIn Learning have helped me become more strategic in my approach to consulting on and delivering projects.

Projectline pays for my Headspace and my LinkedIn Learning subscriptions, and also hosts monthly “Mindfulness Group Sessions” to help build a community around practical mindfulness in the workplace. Here are two of my favorite sessions so far:

I hope these tips genuinely help you on your professional journey! You are your biggest investment and most important project. Find the time to develop yourself, understand what you want, and start manifesting it. I wish you luck on all your endeavors.

David Cruz Torres

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