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Marketing Automation Manager (UK)

Join us! Projectline is building our team in London, UK. Are you passionate about marketing and technology? Projectline is seeking a contract Marketing Automation Manager in the UK to help our technology clients with strategic and marketing programs. This is an excellent opportunity to be a key part of one of the biggest technology companies in the world. You will enable our client to deliver stronger, and more predictable, return on marketing investment by delivering flawless execution of global campaigns. We seek an experienced professional, who has demonstrated a knack for strong execution as well as the ability to drive business efforts in the UK.

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Why work for Projectline?

Get more perks

We make our people a priority. That means offering a solid stack of benefits that support our talent’s happiness and health—both now and in the future. Our consultants enjoy comprehensive health, dental, and vision benefits along with financial benefits and other Projectline perks.

Strike a better balance

You have a whole lot of living to do outside of work. As a Projectline consultant, you’ll get plenty of paid vacation, sick, and personal time, giving you the flexibility you need to maintain balance in both your personal and professional life.

Plug into our network

When you join our team, you join a network of like-minded consultants ready to offer the support, feedback, and mentorship you need to succeed. Extend your network with our regular consultant happy hours, networking events, and community volunteer activities.

Feel supported

You’ve probably figured out by now that we are big on supporting our consultants. It’s important that you have what you need to feel confident in your role, so we make sure you always have access to our HR and IT teams. They’re always here to advocate for you and work hard on your behalf.

Work with an award-winning company

Our commitment to our people shows in the national and local recognition we receive.

Inc. 5000 five years running
Our continual growth has earned us a spot on the Inc. Magazine 5000 as well as a Hire Power award and a spot on the Top Small Companies list. Inc. Magazine has also recognized Projectline on the Build 100 list as a company ready to sustain growth year after year.

Best Place to Work
We love our people, and we love our community, so we’re proud to be recognized as a best place to work by multiple local favorites, including Seattle Met, Washington CEO Magazine, Seattle Business Magazine, Seattle Business Monthly, and Puget Sound Business Journal.

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Pro tips for prospective Projectliners

Projectline looks for smart, enthusiastic people who have solid marketing skills, and a passion for delivering incredible service to their clients. We’re excited to hear from you.

About your resume

Like all employers, Projectline values clarity, organization, and detail in a resume. A well-crafted resume is an essential first impression of what you bring to the table, and it helps us understand why you would be an asset to our organization.

Keep in mind that resumes are all about the details. Edit, and edit again. Typos and poor grammar have derailed even the best resumes. Make sure that you have customized your resume to the opportunity you are pursuing. Remember to update your online profiles at the same time you update your resume.

More useful tips:

Begin with the basics.

Your resume header should include only your name, email address, and LinkedIn URL.

Pitch those mad skills.

Include a one-line summary of the role that you are targeting, and support your statement with a list of the skills that qualify you for the role.

Next comes your employment history.

Show your work experience in a consistent, concise style. Describe each of your jobs in the following order: role, company name, length of time in the position. Include a few bullets or summary sentences of major responsibilities and achievements. Contract work should be listed with both the agency name, and the client. If you have more than 10 years of history to discuss, it’s okay to go to a second page.

Metrics matter.

Where you can support your achievements with hard numbers, do it. Any data or metrics that validate your professional success stories are a necessary detail if you want your resume to rise to the top.

Explain that "downtime."

If you do have a gap in employment of 6 months or more, you will need to include a one-line explanation.

Education is a good thing.

Employers value a candidate that has taken the initiative to pursue learning and personal development, but this information should be shown at the end of your resume.

Projectline requires a Microsoft Word doc.

If you submit your resume in a format other than Word, we can’t make quick edits that will help promote you to our clients. ‘Nuff said.

Comic Sans, and other rookie mistakes.

It’s hard to overlook typos, grammar errors, and egregious formatting choices in a resume. Trust us. By proofing your resume carefully, and creating a clean, easy-to-scan format, your resume will get the attention it deserves. Photos and graphics can be appropriate for certain creative roles, but should be avoided in a standard resume.

We use an online applicant tracking system called Jobvite. Your best first step is to upload your resume into our system, include any additional materials if required, and create a cover letter that tells us more about you and your interest in the position. You can also check out our open positions.